Tune into the Urban City Youth radio show, 7 P.M. Saturday evening on KTYM 1460AM

Every week UCY students collaborate with their own radio production team to create Hot! and Current! radio shows that inform, motivate and inspire thousands of local radio listeners.

The cross functional training project helps to strengthen their creative problem solving and critical thinking skills (needed for proper radio show production). Effective small group communication techniques develop leadership roles that simply produce good radio shows … on time.

All shows are evaluated then tweaked (if need be) by the same team before going on the air. The feedback process helps students become “Brilliant at the Basics of Radio show production.

These valuable skills pave the way for immediate career opportunities in broadcast radio including but not limited to, on air personality, producer, copywriter, research analyst and sound recording engineer. The English Literacy Project is the cornerstone. (see Literacy Project).

Currently on the UCY Radio show host Khalil Rashad (age 15) and co-host Lynette (age 16) facilitate radio shows with compelling topics, local music, poetry and spoken word in association with guest appearances from many of their peers attending local area High Schools.

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Urban City Youth is the one stop entertainment training complex in Los Angeles.  Our Mission is to expand Urban City Youth to the top African American and Latino Markets across America.  Urban City Youth is soon to become the number one entertainment center for youth across America.


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