Surmani Graduation Pict 2014

Congratulations Surmani Sandford! ….Now a freshman at CSU, Northridge.

Surmani Quote:

“Hi, my name is Surmani Sanford . I am honored to graduate high school in the class of 2014. I learned about Urban City Youth (UCY) while a junior in high school when my English teacher encouraged my class to research it online. It was perfect for me because I wanted learn a lot more about film-making than what my school was offering at the time.

I rushed home to tell my Mom who then arranged an interview at UCY. Their counselors asked me about my passion, purpose and entertainment aspirations.  I told them my dream is to become a cutting edge filmmaker. They told me to drive aggressively toward the goal and not to worry so much about the lack of female filmmakers in Hollywood because I could make my own way as long as I stay focused and believe in myself.

As soon as I joined the UCY internship program they gave me my own movie camera and local film projects to work on with project completion targets.

What I learned most: The internship taught me the basic fundamentals of film-making in practice and now I have key skills that solidify my passion for film-making.  I am now a hard working a freshman film major at CSU, Northridge. Thank you UCY!

Support Urban City Youth and help youth like me develop passion for our own unique artistic expression!…Get involved and help us prosper in Media, arts and communications.”

Surmani Sandford

Urban City Youth is the one stop entertainment training complex in Los Angeles.  Our Mission is to expand Urban City Youth to the top African American and Latino Markets across America.  Urban City Youth is soon to become the number one entertainment center for youth across America.