We appreciate our Partnerships with the under-served high school students of Los Angeles. Our students enjoy a season-long program that blends music production and radio broadcast communications study along with English Language and Literacy.

Disadvantaged youth have access to year-round opportunities to experience music and radio show production while interacting with Mulit-Platinum producers, writers and other UCY artist. Students work in recording sessions to produce great works to express their best voice in art.

In 2014 Urban City Youth recruited students from Southwest College as well as Dorsey, Westchester, Hamilton, Palisades, Washington, CATCH, and Crenshaw high schools, respectively.  More than 40 spoken word pieces were written, produced and recorded along with one major music recording (see music page).  We thank our intern Carrie Morris (now an eleventh grade student at Hamilton High School) for helping us arrange, coordinate and produce numerous studio sessions in 2014.

The collaborative efforts of our youth has provided significant thought provoking content for the Urban City Youth radio show and Urban City Youth Music.  Many local youth have benefited from the art of expression and enjoyed writing and creating for specific topics that are important to them. Expect more exciting inspirational content across multiple media platforms in 2015.