In 2010 the high school dropout rate for African American males exceeded 75% in Oakland, CA.

Mayor Dellums speech at the City of Oakland, Combined Chambers Luncheon * 2/4/2010

Nationwide, black college basketball players have a 56% graduation rate, compared to an 84% graduation rate for white players—a 28% gap that has grown by four points since last year.

National Urban League Black College Athletes, Low Graduation Report * 2/1/2010

The high school dropout rate for black males is 60% to 70% higher than the national average.

“Nightline,” ABC News

National graduation rates for black high school students are 53%, compared to 74% for white students.

In the US, the numbers of black women who attend college are more than double the numbers of black men who do.

NBC Nightly News

75% of high school students in Los Angeles dropout.

Bishop Noel Jones on “Black Men Revealed,” TV One * 8/24/08