Anti Bullying PROGRAMS

Urban City Youth presents Educational Performances that are culturally diverse. These Anti-bullying Enrichment Assembly Programs prevent bullying behavior on school campuses and surrounding communities. Our interactive stage plays empower students of all ethnic backgrounds and orientations to nurture the leader within them to practice tolerance and promote a genuine feeling of well-being toward others. We are proud to present “NuBiAh” the Wax Museum Exhibit, directed by Byron Nora, winner of three NAACP awards and multi NAACP nominated for “The Wiz” presented in Los Angeles, California.






Confidence and Self-Esteem

Through the art of performance and artistic expression Urban City Youth workshops teach students how to assess, analyze and strengthen their own confidence. We build Self-Worth through acting, public speaking training and artistic expression.

Leadership Skills

All projects are implemented in diverse groups of four to five team members. Learn how to lead, organize, implement and control while producing radio shows, music compositions, poetry/spoken word, theater events and monthly community newsletters.

Public Speaking Skills

What you say is important.

How you express it makes a major impact on your ability to persuade others.

Creative Thinking

Embark on a journey to create your own artistic expression your own way. Coordinate projects with the UCY Production Simulator – a tool that helps bring projects into completion on time and within budget.

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The Urban City Youth radio show is produced and recorded exclusively by local high school student interns of Urban City Youth. This radio show platform allows them to tell their own unique stories about things that matter to them most.

Throughout the training process, weekly pep talk sessions are facilitated by local entertainers, writers, directors and entrepreneurs who help them “get in the zone” to strengthen their own artistic expression. Urban City Youth utilize the power of radio to increase awareness and inspire change.

Benefits: Increase motivation, self-worth and confidence.

All projects are conducted in teams (tribes) who work together while gaining first hand work experience in the radio/music industry.

UCY Slogans: “Skills not Streets” -INVEST in us NOW so we can be a BLESSING to you TOMORROW!